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Albatross Spotting

Day 5 of our trip started in the same way as day 4 here on Pebble Island. A fantastic breakfast cooked by our host Ricki, interesting breakfast table conversation with the other guests at the lodge and then it was time to grab your waterproof and camera gear and head out to the 4×4’s for todays guided tour.

After yesterday’s penguin-fest touring the west end of Pebble island, today was our chance to tour the east end of the island. The east of the island is home to more wetland and sea birds than the west so we were expecting to see more of these during the day.

We were not disappointed with sightings of Sandpipers, Widgeon, Heron and Cormorants all making an appearance during the day. Watching the cormorants collecting their nesting materials was really enjoyable, as they came in to land with large clumps of local greenery on their beaks and wandered round the headland tugging at the grass!

The highlight of the day though was getting to see the Albatross scooting over the sea from the cliffs at the end of Tamar Point. These are incredible birds with an astounding wingspan and real pleasure to see them swooping and turning over the ocean.

Finally before heading home we had a chance to wander along the vast 4 mile expanse of Elephant Beach, the longest on the Falklands. This was a great chance for a bit of beach combing as our guide Dwayne was able to show us the whale bones and shells that wash up on the beaches here.

Our day finished in the normal way with a fantastic home cooked meal from the lodge and an evening in the lounge exchanging stories with our fellow guests and checking out the photos from the day.

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