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Helping your business or product to stand out from the crowd with high quality, creative corporate photography cannot be underestimated. With customers in all sectors becoming increasingly image aware there has never been a more important time to ensure that your corporate imagery is the best it can be. There are a number of ways we can help to raise the visual presentation of your business.

Headshot Photography

Having professional headshots of your staff can really raise the image of your business. This is becoming increasingly important with the growth of professional social networks such as LinkedIn and Yammer and the growth of remote working where someone’s profile picture might be the first impression a potential client sees. We have worked with companies to photograph everything from senior individuals, through key staff members to whole workforces.

Editorial Photography

We want to help you tell the story of your business, what you do, how you do it and the people who make your business what it is. Having engaging images of your staff, locations and facilities is a great way to enhance the quality of your company literature. Our editorial photography is designed to shoot the people and places within your business in a way that provides you with collateral for newsletters, press releases and digital media.

Product and Food Photography

Making your product look its best is vital in helping customers to engage with your business. Our strength is in styling and shooting your product as if in situ, giving the customer a taste of how they might experience the finished product. This could be hand crafted products for artisan producers or food and drink for hotels and restaurants. Our aim is to immerse your customer in the product experience that you are trying to deliver to them.

Event and PR Photography

Companies spend a lot of money on events, from product launches to staff parties and awards these events are a showcase for your products and your people. We can photograph these events in a documentary style that provides you with great story telling images for PR and Marketing both internally and externally.



Ideal for small events or an individual headshot session. Our hourly rates allow you to get professional images to suit your budget


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Ideal for PR and Editorial commissions as well as smaller events and team headshot sessions. Our Half Day rate offers a 15% discount from our Hourly rates.


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Full Day

Ideal for Full Day events, company wide headshot sessions or commissions where a combination of services are required. Our Full Day rate offers a 30% discount from our Hourly rates.


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