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A Wonderful Whitby Family Photoshoot

During the recent heat wave we joined Benedict and his Mum & Dad (Adam & Elle) for a Whitby Family Photoshoot. Sophie and I love the seaside, especially Whitby, so it was wonderful to be able to shoot here again. With its Pier, miles of beaches, Dracula’s Abbey and tons of charming streets Whitby is an amazing location for a Family Photoshoot.

Benedict had recently enjoyed his first birthday and the weather was being as good as you can ever hope for in the UK. It was the perfect time to capture some wonderful memories for this lovely family. We met at the bandstand near the sea and started with a walk on the pier to ease everyone into the shoot (and to give the tide time to go out a bit!). 

After stopping at the end of the pier for some photos we then headed for the beach to get our buckets and spades out! Benedict really enjoyed this and his alternative use for the bucket got great reactions from his Mum and Dad! We finished the shoot off with some photos on the Abbey steps before heading home (via the Fish and Chip shop!)

Check out the photos below and if you and your family would like a shoot by the seaside all the details can be found here: Family Portrait Photography

Benedict & Family A Day to Remember

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